The house


This is one of our favourite words, because welcoming is not just about opening the doors of your house …

… it also means opening the doors of your heart.

The house, its story, and your story

And, if El Abellerol knows something, it is about the heart, and stories woven and told from the heart. Its stone walls and many corners have been home to stories and memories going back to the early 20th century, when, around the bread oven, and over its counter, the secrets of an entire town, Ossó de Sió, were shared.

But we don’t want to tell you stories, we want you to feel them, discover them, and, above all, live your own. This is a house to spend time with your family and friends, to enjoy moments together, because the art of disconnection consists precisely of this too: living life to the fullest, by sharing it.

Una casa con historia

The house: its structure.

Abellerol has 3 areas:


With a children’s playroom, billiards and foosball tables, a pool and hot tub area, garden, grill and gym.


With a kitchen, dining room, fireplace area and sofas, terrace and 5 rooms with en suite bathrooms: 3 with double beds and 2 with 2 single beds.


With a kitchen, living room, fireplace area, card table, full bath, and 2 bedrooms: 1 with a double bed and 1 with 2 doubles.

You can rent Wing 1 or Wings 1+2. The lower area is available in either option.

The Rooms

Room 1: Abellerol.

El abellerol, or European bee-eater, is the bird for which the house is named, one of intense and warm colours, and irrepressible in flight… This is how this room is designed, classic but revolutionary at the same time.

The double bed and the dresser were original pieces in the house, found here, in what used to be the grandparents’ bedroom; includes en suite bathroom.

Room 2: Xoriguer.

The kestrel stops, low, beats its wings and observes. This is why he would be right at home in this room. The most outward room, from a small balcony one can take in the town’s silence and tranquillity.

A room with a double bed and a secret inside the chest of drawers… will you find it?

Room 3: L’Oliva.

The owl comes out at night, and is territorial. If you approach the window of this room at sundown, you’ll probably spot it fly by. I should warn you that the sound of its flight is stirring; elegant and disturbing at the same time.

It has two single beds and a bathroom adapted for People with Reduced Mobility.

Room 4: Esparver Cendrós.

The Montagu’s harrier is large, like our heart, and like the heart of the old door that graces this room. “My heart beats when I read upon the earth the traces of many generations that have left their dreams there” (Vicenç Villatoro).

It is furnished with a double bed and has an en-suite bathroom.

Room 5: El Gaig Blau.

Rollers boast a perfect kind of beauty. In the summer, if you look up a little, you’ll be able to spot them flying over the cereal field surrounding the house.

Shhh! Enjoy the silence, and bask in it.

Room with two twin beds and a bathroom.

Room 6: El l’Àguila.

The eagle flies high towards the horizon. Open the window and you will feel just like her, perched on the highest part of the house, the cereal fields stretching into the horizon.

It offers a double bed and a dresser, on which there are love letters written during the war. It shares a bathroom with Room 7.

Room 7: El Sisó.

The little bustard is the star of the Plans de Sió nature area. It is the most beloved and the most controversial. A bird of contrasts for a special room, the largest, with a high, sloping roof.
Room with two double beds and a bathroom shared with Room 6.

The house, its energy and surroundings

El Abellerol operates with the utmost respect for the environment, in a holistic and particularly local way, seeking harmony with the area around the house.

The use of geothermal energy allows for climate control throughout, without zero CO2 emissions.

The house is also equipped with a rainwater collection and storage system, with a view to responsible water consumption.