* the art of disconnection

At El Abellerol we understand the stress you’re under; rushing to work every day, or to get wherever you need to be, a tough day full of hard work and dedication, and then you get home exhausted, not up for anything.

This is why we propose a new, calming concept in leisure accommodations:

[the art of disconnection]

We offer you everything you need, together with your family, friends, colleagues, or partner. A few days surrounded by nature in a spectacular house where every corner exudes harm, and where you can enjoy all the activities and possibilities on offer. A time to relax, disconnect from the daily grind, and reconnect with nature.

Exterior de la casa


Do you know how? Here are some tips...

Put on a coat, go out on the terrace and stare at the stars
Disconnect, turn it off and leave it behind ... and reconnect with those you love
Gaze at the horizon and make a wish, or two, or three
Listen to the silence; it's bound to have something to tell you
Remember why you decided on this getaway, and tell everyone why you like being with them
Sit next to your best friend, give her a hug, and tell her you're going to get a tattoo just like hers
Go looking for flowers, and plan an adventure
Dare to play like a child (a pillow fight, for example)

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